For you who want to assemble your own RIG, we thought to offer you our excellent Mining frame.

You will receive a fully frame ready to accommodate the components of your choice..
All our RIGS are assembled with precision and delivered in a safe packaging.

With your Mining frame, you maximize space and optimize the cooling of your appliances.



BUY RIG-FRAME–8GPU–2 POWER SUPPLY ONLINE Crypto mining is an hour that can be flourished by only people who have the perfect setup and write algorithms within themselves and who keep the passion to be on top. We fully understand your needs and we are there to cope up with your problems such as, problems of hardware that Crypto miners find difficult for attaining their setup. If you are determined to make your GPU with a rig then you are already in the terms of brave and facing the right path of the challenge cracking the greatest gold. BUY RIG-FRAME–8GPU–2 POWER SUPPLY ONLINE

Our website provides the best quality rig frames that are durable and heat resistant over a long time of period.

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